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Creative Fuel Challenge

The creative spirit creates with whatever materials are present. With food, with children, with building blocks, with speech, with thoughts, with pigment, with an umbrella, or a wineglass, or a torch. We are not craftsmen only during studio hours. Any more than a man is wise only in his library. Or devout only in church. The material is not the sign of the creative feeling for life: of the warmth and sympathy and reverence which foster being; techniques are not the sign; “art” is not the sign. The sign is the light that dwells within the act, whatever its nature or its medium.

Mary Caroline Richards

What do we do in the midst of crisis?

I believe that art heals, even on the most mundane of days. So I certainly believe that art and creativity are what gets us through our darkest moments.

Which is why now it feels more important than ever to commit to creativity.

If you’ve been following my work, you may know my monthly newsletter Creative Fuel.

I wanted to take the idea of Creative Fuel and turn it into a series of creative prompts and projects to inspire art making over the coming weeks, to not just keep you occupied, but to provide you with a breath of fresh air.

The prompts have been going out since March. As of right now, I am slowing down on their regularity, but you can sign up here (select “Creative Fuel Challenge” from the list)) to be sure that you get the next one when it comes out. In the meantime, feel free to work your way through the archives.

Creative Fuel Challenge Archives:

#1: Blind Contour Drawing

#2: Write a Haiku

#3: Make Art for Your Community

#4: Make a Zine

 #5: Abstract Drawings

#6: Everyday Delights

#7: Imaginary Reading List

#8: Charts

#9: Learn (and then Make)

#10: Change Perspective

#11: Make a Bookmark

#12: Plant Lessons

#13: Find Beauty in the Everyday

#14: Your Hand is Your Tool

#15: Color Association

#16: The Art of Curiosity and Research

#17: Small

#18: Make Marks

#19: Collaborate

#20: Imaginative Island Mapping

#21: Scribble

#22: Make a Tourist Postcard for Wherever You Are

#23: One Sentence a Day

#24: Catch the Shadows

#25: Color Collections

#26: Handmade Polaroids

#27: One Paragraph

#28: Still Life

#29: Nature Abstractions

#30: Armchair Travel Sketchbook

#31: Collage Poetry

#32: Draw Your Breath

#33: Patterns

#34: Imaginary Book Covers

#35: Simple, Everyday Objects

#36: Coloring Pages for Friends

#37: Draw with Scissors

#38: Create and Destroy

#39: The Art of a Word

#40: Contrast

#41: Repeat

#42: Change Medium

#43: Collaborative Creativity Prompts

#44: Embrace the Mess

#45: Take Note

#46: Art with a Message

#47: Write a Letter

#48: Intentions

#49: Channel Energy

#50: Build a Creativity Resource

#51: Daily Creativity Prompts for November

#52: Daily Creativity Prompts for January

#53: Daily Creativity Prompts for February

#54: Daily Creativity Prompts for March

#55: Daily Creativity Prompts for April

The Creative Fuel Challenge is free and open to anyone, but you can also make a donation if you are inclined/able to, or become a monthly supporter on Patreon.

Image by Natalie Gildersleeve

Written by Anna Brones

March 16, 2020 at 14:46

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