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Papercut Illustration

Here are just a few of my papercut illustrations, all hand cut from single pieces of paper, sometimes with a touch of watercolor added.

I am available for both personal and commercial commissions. If you are interested in working together, please get in touch! You can also buy prints and original artwork in my shop.

Women’s Wisdom Project exhibition, Vashon Center for the Arts, March 2020


“Coffee Outside After Sleeping Outside” part of Alastair Humphreys and my Coffee Adventures Outside series, 2021

Margaret Murie, part of Women’s Wisdom Project, featured in Taproot magazine, Issue 32, 2019

Papercut illustrations in the 2019 edition of Joy of Cooking

Commission for Seattle bookstore Book Larder, 2020

Forest with Moon, 2018

“Kitchen Counter,” cover illustration for Extra Helping (Roost Books, 2018)

Cover artwork for Portland Mercury, 2018

“Leeks,” featured in 2019 Desk Calendar for PCC Farmland Trust

“Ferns, Moon and Stars,” 2018

“Coffee Pour,” 2018

“Coffee Pour,” part of the 2018 New York City Coffee Art Project show

Vif Summer Soif event poster, 2018

Commission for 2018 Tilth Conference

Cover artwork for Tilth Alliance Farm Guide 2017

I Look Like a Fisherman: Purse Seining, for I Look Like a Fisherman card series, 2017

Written by Anna Brones

April 24, 2019 at 15:45

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