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Love From Sweden: Lös Godis

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Lös godis: very much my one true love. Imagine this: an entire wall covered in all kinds of candy, from salted licorice to chocolate covered rum balls, all to be carefully selected and placed in a colorful bag.

Weigh it at the checkout, raise your eyebrows when you realize how much was actually in that bag, and then smirk internally when you say to yourself, “who cares, it’s Saturday!” Then take it all home and pour the lös godis into a bowl where — for maybe for a few seconds — you enjoy the multicolored glory. But soon it’s all consumed, an empty, wrinkled bag with a fine layer of sugar your only remnants.

Love From Sweden: an ongoing travel photo series to capture the essence of Sweden. 

Written by Anna Brones

July 5, 2011 at 14:25