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Lessons from SXSW Eco: Communication

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I’d never been to Texas, and it turns out, all those people that kept saying, “You’ve never been to Austin?? You’d love it!” were, in fact, quite right.

There was two stepping and fried food and cowboy boots. Lots of cowboy boots. But the main takeaway from one week in Austin was something different, and it’s all thanks to the new South By Southwest Eco conference. Three days of listening to the best and brightest on green issues and the main takeaway is that it’s all about communication; how we interact with people and engage.

If we don’t want missed opportunities, we must start with communication. Facts and figures don’t work; relationships are everything.

Well, that and cowboy boots are game changers on the dance floor. Seriously.

Written by Anna Brones

October 9, 2011 at 19:19

Foodie Music…

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Loving the new EcoSalon 8tracks cooking mix: 13 songs to dance in the kitchen to. Playlist:

  1. Portland, Oregon – Loretta Lynn
  2. 1901 – Phoenix
  3. Electric Feel – MGMT
  4. In The Round – The Cardigans
  5. Shine a Light – The Rolling Stones
  6. Get Up Off That Thang – James Brown
  7. Rocket – Goldfrapp
  8. Ta Douleur – Camille
  9. Tell Em – Sleigh Bells
  10. Let The Good Times Roll – Ray Charles
  11. L’amoureuse – Carla Bruni
  12. Thank U Mum (4 Everything You Did) – St. Germain
  13. Una Musica Brutal – Gotan Project


Written by Anna Brones

September 29, 2011 at 22:23

New Column: Foodie Underground

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My very first official column just debuted today over at EcoSalon. Pretty excited about it; going to give me the chance to all of the crazy, cool, avant garde things happening in the food world. Think taco trucks meets super clubs meets homebrews.

This week’s topic is “Amateur is the New Black,” taking a look at how you no longer have to have a fancy diploma to take part int he food movement. A sort of “democratized gastronomy.” Here’s an excerpt:

Maybe it’s the result of an economy that requires a skill for penny pinching or maybe it’s just a renewed love of food, but whatever the reasons behind it, amateur involvement in culinary culture is happening big time, bringing the power of being a foodie into the hands of everyone who wants a taste. Call it indie, call it DIY, but this trend is simply expanding on something we’ve done for centuries: create sustenance.

Now go read the whole thing!

Written by Anna Brones

April 9, 2010 at 13:11

New Beginnings

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As a traveler, I know the benefits of pushing myself. As a writer, I know the benefits of getting out of my comfort zone. And as a human being, I know that sometimes there are moments when we have to do both of those things, and take a giant leap. I took that leap last week with the official launch of my new business endeavor, co-founded with my lovely friend Emily, Under Solen Media. Sticking true to those Scandivanian roots, we named our company “under the sun” in Swedish. It only seemed right.

So what are we planning on doing? Something along the lines of providing dynamic, cutting-edge social media strategies to align outdoor brands, non-profits and adventurers. In other words, meeting and working with a lot of cool people! Matador did a great interview with us last week about what we’re doing, and we’re very grateful to them for the exposure.

And in other news I’m now writing for the excellent greenie site, EcoSalon. You can read my first post here.

So all in all, after a giant leap, I’m very excited for all the new endeavors!

Written by Anna Brones

November 17, 2009 at 10:02