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New Column: Foodie Underground

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My very first official column just debuted today over at EcoSalon. Pretty excited about it; going to give me the chance to all of the crazy, cool, avant garde things happening in the food world. Think taco trucks meets super clubs meets homebrews.

This week’s topic is “Amateur is the New Black,” taking a look at how you no longer have to have a fancy diploma to take part int he food movement. A sort of “democratized gastronomy.” Here’s an excerpt:

Maybe it’s the result of an economy that requires a skill for penny pinching or maybe it’s just a renewed love of food, but whatever the reasons behind it, amateur involvement in culinary culture is happening big time, bringing the power of being a foodie into the hands of everyone who wants a taste. Call it indie, call it DIY, but this trend is simply expanding on something we’ve done for centuries: create sustenance.

Now go read the whole thing!

Written by Anna Brones

April 9, 2010 at 13:11