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Sounds of Travel: St. Germain’s ‘So Flute’

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b00004syz802lzzzzzzzOver at Gadling we’re doing a series called the Sounds of Travel, featuring music that we’ve either discovered while traveling or that reminds us of traveling. Last week I wrote an article on “So Flute” by the French band St. Germain (they’re one of my all time favorites). Here’s a little preview:

France. This is a country known for its music. The stereotypical accordion tunes from atop Montmartre embodied in the soundtrack of Amélie, the ballads of Edith Piaf, and the intense lyrics of adopted icon Jacques Brel (he was actually Belgian, but the French like him so much they seem to forget). But beyond those symbolic melodies that scream French roots, there’s another side to French music. One that is much more urban, cosmopolitan and chic. It’s the smooth, electro-jazz, slightly funky sounds of contemporary bands like St. Germain.

Read the rest of it, and watch a video of “So Flute,” here.

Written by Anna Brones

November 18, 2008 at 09:18

Photo Chosen for Gadling Photo of the Day

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The photo from Glacier National Park that I posted last week (scroll down to see it) got selected for Gadling’s Photo of the Day on Monday! Check it out here.

Written by Anna Brones

November 13, 2008 at 11:58

Classic road trips: The Oregon Coast

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I finally managed to get my thoughts and photos together for a feature post over at Gadling on road-tripping the Oregon Coast; it’s not extensive, just a quick and dirty guide to good stuff to do and see. That gave me a good chance to go through pictures from the late summer coastal excursion, which was an excellent mood-booster for a gray fall day… not that I am complaining, but there is something to be said for reminiscing over summer adventures.

Read the article here.

Written by Anna Brones

September 25, 2008 at 13:51

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