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Plastic Can Be Beautiful

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Plastic is plaguing the environment and our health, but in celebration of the big Ban the Bag event that we put on this Tuesday (which Portland’s mayor Sam Adams spoke at), I decided to put plastic to good use. A big event calls for big jewelry, so I knocked out a necklace and bracelet, proving that single-use plastics can be turned into something more worthwhile instead of merely being thrown away.


The above necklace is a plastic bag cut into strips and then knitted into three separate squares. The bracelet is cut from a plastic cup and then held together by silver wire.

Want to hel get the single-use plastic bag banned in Portland? Sign the petition!

Written by Anna Brones

April 23, 2009 at 09:53

JunkRide + Ban The Bag Event in Portland: Help in the Battle Against Plastic Pollution

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Great event next week to educate about the evils of plastic pollution and work on getting the plastic bag banned in Portland.

What: The Portland Surfrider Chapter welcomes Anna Cummins from Algalita Marine Research Foundation and Dr. Marcus Erikson of JUNKride, an educational tour by bike from Vancouver B.C. to Tijuana, Mexico. The duo will highlight the voyage of JUNKraft, a recently completed trip from California to Hawaii on a raft made of garbage. In addition to JUNKride, Jessica Hamilton, Natural Resources Policy Advisor to Governor Ted Kulongoski, will present on the West Coast Governors Agreement to reduce the western seaboard’s impact on the oceans, with regard to marine debris. Entertainment by singer/songwriter Micah Wolf. Beer and wine will be available for purchase, with all proceeds going to benefit Portland Chapter Surfrider’s BAN THE BAG campaign to ban single-use plastic shopping bags in the greater Portland area.

When: Tuesday, April 21st, 2009. 6:30pm to 9:00pm.

Where: Keen Footwear, 926 NW 13th Ave #210, Portland, OR 97209

For more information on JUNKraft and JUNKride, visit To keep up with Ban the Bag, follow them on Twitter.

Written by Anna Brones

April 14, 2009 at 11:14

Vote for Water

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Doesn’t matter who you’re voting for, you still need to give up that bottled water addiction. At least that’s the stance Tappening takes. Because America uses 17 million barrels of crude oil a year just to make disposable plastic water bottles, the ad campaign advocates drinking tap water and getting the issue of bottled water on the political agenda.That’s a good thing considering how many of those plastic bottles end up in landfills, the ocean and beyond. Consider that next time you go to pull a bottle off the shelf.

Find out more about Tappening here and check out more of their ads here.

Written by Anna Brones

October 21, 2008 at 12:12

DIY plastic bag

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Finally a smart way to re-use plastic; make a new bag out of it! It entails taking a whole bunch of old plastic bags, ironing them into crazy forms, and sewing it all up into the above finished product. The instructions are all over at Plenty Magazine and I have to say I really feel like I need to make one… check back with me in a couple of weeks (I have to track down an iron first!). And for those in need of something more heavy duty, you can even go all out and make a messenger bag from recycled trash bags. You’ll immediately exude “green” and “resourceful” and be able to show-up all of your friends who are toting their old school purchased packs.

Written by Anna Brones

October 9, 2008 at 22:38

The next thing to put on your reading list

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The nice thing about working at Wend is that I get to read some pretty interesting books. This is the one I am currently working on and I must say that it’s proving to be a pretty compelling read. Where do I begin? Bottled water… ok, it’s what I drank all through Asia as to not get sick, but in the US I think it’s one of the most appalling inventions. And it’s not just because of the plastic. As author Elizabeth Royte points out in the opening chapter of Bottlemania: How water went on sale and why we bought it, there’s a moral question at play: should private companies be profiting off of a public resource? So read the book and come up with your own conclusions.

Written by Anna Brones

August 14, 2008 at 07:18