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Creative Fuel: A New Podcast About the Intersection of Creativity and Our Everyday Lives

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This week marks the launch of Creative Fuel, a new podcast that I am making with my good friend Gale Straub.

Creative Fuel is all about the intersection of creativity and our everyday lives, and it’s also part of a larger platform launch of Creative Fuel Collective. If you recognize the name, it’s because all of this has stemmed from the newsletter that I have written for several years called Creative Fuel. I have enjoyed exploring the topic of creativity there, and I am thrilled to branch out and bring that to life in audio.

It has been such a wonderful creative challenge to collaborate with Gale on this (you may already know Gale’s work from her podcast She Explores). In each episode we lead with a question, like “How do we get through hard times?” or “How do we connect with each other?” or “How do we spend time alone?” Through the episode, and with the help of creatives and researchers, we work through the answers and the many ways creativity winds its way through.

In our first episode we ask: “do we need newness for creativity?” The episode features writer Amanda Machado and neuroscientist and artist Christine Liu. There’s also a little cameo by artist Kashmir Thompson in our Big Cartel midroll ad. We are so grateful to Big Cartel (which is the platform I use for my shop) for trusting this idea and helping to support the first season, which is hopefully the first of many.

You can find the show wherever you listen to podcasts, but here are a few easy links: podcast website, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify.

If you like the episode, I would be thrilled if you subscribed, left a review, or shared it with a friend.

Written by Anna Brones

September 15, 2022 at 08:48

The Culinary Cyclist on the Outspoken Cyclist Podcast

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I was happy to chat with Diane Lees of The Outspoken Cyclist recently about The Culinary Cyclist. The show is deemed “radio for cyclists by cyclists.” And here I bet you didn’t even know that cyclist radio was a thing? Well now you do.

Check out The Outspoken Cyclist podcast and catch my episode here. Don’t worry, you won’t just be bored by my ramblings on healthy eating; I’m also on there with frame builder, bike designer and author Lennard Zinn, which is pretty cool.

Written by Anna Brones

August 25, 2015 at 09:59

Fika on Heritage Radio Network’s Eat Your Words (Listen to the Podcast)

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Fika on Heritage Radio Network

I was so excited to not only get to be a guest on a Heritage Radio Network show with Johanna recently, but also to check out their headquarters. Housed in a shipping container in Brooklyn’s Bushwick neighborhood, Heritage Radio Network hosts a variety of great radio shows that are all about advancing food culture. If you don’t know them, be sure to check them out, the programming is pretty incredible.

Local beer at Roberta's Pizza

It also meant that we got to eat a pizza at Roberta’s right before recording the show, as the radio is housed in the back. A super cool restaurant with an oven in the corner and local craft beer served in mason jars. My kind of place. The Heritage Radio Network studio itself sits in a shipping container right behind the restaurant, so as you sit and chat you look out over the restaurant goers downing their pizzas.

Heritage Radio Network

Thanks to Cathy Erway, the host of Eat Your Words, who sat down with Johanna and I and talked all about fika.

You can listen to the full episode here.