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Fika on Heritage Radio Network’s Eat Your Words (Listen to the Podcast)

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Fika on Heritage Radio Network

I was so excited to not only get to be a guest on a Heritage Radio Network show with Johanna recently, but also to check out their headquarters. Housed in a shipping container in Brooklyn’s Bushwick neighborhood, Heritage Radio Network hosts a variety of great radio shows that are all about advancing food culture. If you don’t know them, be sure to check them out, the programming is pretty incredible.

Local beer at Roberta's Pizza

It also meant that we got to eat a pizza at Roberta’s right before recording the show, as the radio is housed in the back. A super cool restaurant with an oven in the corner and local craft beer served in mason jars. My kind of place. The Heritage Radio Network studio itself sits in a shipping container right behind the restaurant, so as you sit and chat you look out over the restaurant goers downing their pizzas.

Heritage Radio Network

Thanks to Cathy Erway, the host of Eat Your Words, who sat down with Johanna and I and talked all about fika.

You can listen to the full episode here.

Vanessa da Mata: Good summer music

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In order to keep up with my French, I’ve started streaming France Inter, which is a pretty good blend of world news, political analysis and music from around the globe. This is how I came across Vanessa da Mata, a Brazilian pop artist. Her music falls into the Música Popular Brasileira genre, which is Bossa Nova-esque and perfect for summer afternoons spent on the patio. Give her super popular song “Ai Ai Ai” a listen here.

Written by Anna Brones

June 22, 2008 at 15:51