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Portland Loves to Recycle

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portland recycles

At the Mississippi Avenue Street Fair this weekend, I was amazed at how clean the ground was — free of the usual chaotic debris that is a signature sign of most large events, which is pretty amazing at a street fair that was estimated to pull about 20,000 visitors this year.  On the other hand, the recycling bins were well in use, proving once again the city’s commitment to sustainability.

This early evening shot captures it best.

Written by Anna Brones

July 15, 2009 at 06:00

DIY plastic bag

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Finally a smart way to re-use plastic; make a new bag out of it! It entails taking a whole bunch of old plastic bags, ironing them into crazy forms, and sewing it all up into the above finished product. The instructions are all over at Plenty Magazine and I have to say I really feel like I need to make one… check back with me in a couple of weeks (I have to track down an iron first!). And for those in need of something more heavy duty, you can even go all out and make a messenger bag from recycled trash bags. You’ll immediately exude “green” and “resourceful” and be able to show-up all of your friends who are toting their old school purchased packs.

Written by Anna Brones

October 9, 2008 at 22:38