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Sounds of Travel: Air’s ‘Ce Matin La’

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My latest Sounds of Travel is up over at Gadling. I wrote about one of my favorite bands and songs, Ce Matin La by the French duo Air. It’s hard to listen to it without being put in a good mood.

Here’s an excerpt:

For me, traveling music has to provide a good background. It has to to flow with your up and down emotions, fit a variety of situations, but be distinct enough that it brings back memories when you return home. For that reason, in my last post I wrote about St. Germain, which is one of my favorite artists to listen to while traveling. Along those same lines comes Air, another electronica-inspired group that hails from France.

As I wrote about St. Germain, music like this immediately takes me back to living in France; I can envision the first time and place that I listened to either of these two groups. But Air is a little more than that, the duo’s second album Moon Safari has become my traveling soundtrack — no matter what the destination — and my song of choice is Ce Matin La.

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Written by Anna Brones

December 6, 2008 at 12:57