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New Under Solen Media Site: Women Rocking New Media

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So excited about our new website over at Under Solen. We also announced a new team page which includes some rocking women doing really great things. A big thanks to all the people out there that have made this venture possible. We’re running as fast as we can!

Go see all the new stuff for yourself!

Written by Anna Brones

February 9, 2010 at 09:43

Big and Small Players in Carbon Emissions

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I posted this blog post about carbon emissions today over on the Under Solen blog, but I think it deserves to get posted here as well.

From Under Solen:

In our ongoing coverage about how climate change is affecting us and how people in the U.S. are taking action, today we bring you a couple of graphics and statistics to show just who’s emitting carbon. Thanks to the New York Times for the visuals. And if you’re interested in carbon emissions per capita, make your way over to this useful Google guide, made with World Bank data, that you can easily search by country, and compare statistics.

The U.S. – 20% of emissions, 30% of G.D.P. 5% of people.

Per capita, the U.S. emits 19.5 metric tons of CO2. The world average? 4.5.

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New Beginnings

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As a traveler, I know the benefits of pushing myself. As a writer, I know the benefits of getting out of my comfort zone. And as a human being, I know that sometimes there are moments when we have to do both of those things, and take a giant leap. I took that leap last week with the official launch of my new business endeavor, co-founded with my lovely friend Emily, Under Solen Media. Sticking true to those Scandivanian roots, we named our company “under the sun” in Swedish. It only seemed right.

So what are we planning on doing? Something along the lines of providing dynamic, cutting-edge social media strategies to align outdoor brands, non-profits and adventurers. In other words, meeting and working with a lot of cool people! Matador did a great interview with us last week about what we’re doing, and we’re very grateful to them for the exposure.

And in other news I’m now writing for the excellent greenie site, EcoSalon. You can read my first post here.

So all in all, after a giant leap, I’m very excited for all the new endeavors!

Written by Anna Brones

November 17, 2009 at 10:02